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  • Boston Terrier - active and very intelligent dog, known as it loving and loyal character. This kid is extremely attached to his family, friends, children and other animals. Boston loves to play and train. After all, there is nothing more pleasant than to please their masters! It is a perfect companion for agility. Due to the developed intelligence, these dogs places great demands on the level of those around them. Otherwise boston get bored, play pranks and take the process of understanding the world in their paws. Strong and full of energy, a Boston terrier - a great keeper. He happily fulfills all the team members of the family and great with kids. As a true "pioneer", he paws all support the idea of a trip with his family.
  • Amstaff balanced dog, energetic, bold, lively and agile. It's undoubted qualities: strength, courage, devotion to his master, reliability, courage, sociability. Good as a bodyguard, is able to protect his master and knows how to be faithful and affectionate friend.


Телефон: 097-180-63-27

Адрес: Украина, Харьков

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